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Coaching helps you create the life you wish and want. You already have a well-functioning life but want support to develop your full potential and find the best in you.

In the process, I help you to:

1. Explain your life values.
2. Clarify your values in life.
3. Get set yourself some goals for what you wish for.
4. Get some strategies and action plans for how to achieve your goals.
5. Find and replace the negative beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals, with new and more appropriate beliefs.
6. Personal sparring are generally forward-looking and action-oriented, and is thus based in the present and the future. In case of obstacles where it is appropriate to work deeper and go back in time, this can be arranged in the process.

You can work with personal sparring within all areas of your life, for example.

1. Work
2. sport
3. Health
4. Economy
5. Personal development
6. Leisure
7. Sex life

Your personal sparring partner

As your professional sparring partner, I see you as the expert in your own life. I put reflective questions to the current issue and you get the opportunity to break up with thought thinking, see new opportunities that create growth and action. You must be prepared to be active in the change process, where I support and challenge you to find your inner resources.

Personal sparring is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. It can be a single conversation or a course. A little home assignment between the sessions is required to keep focus and speed up the goal.


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